Riding your snowmobile through Northern Ontario’s Pre-Cambrian Shield is an experience like no other. Rolling hills, wide trails, swooping curves, tall jack pine stands, and beaver dams abound.  The vistas, the landscape will take your breath away. Our trail system leverages old logging roads, which are groomed up to 30 feet in width when possible.  Smaller connectors make the transition from one logging road to another trail system, always keeping it interesting.

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Civilization and urbanization are nowhere to be found for at least 120kms in all directions. Crossing highways and active roadways are virtually non-existent. Remote riding best describes our trail infrastructure. Very little traffic, signed trail destinations, warm-up shacks along the route, gas within 150kms of each destination and snow depths you will find hard to dig yourself out of should you decide to take a closer look at our tree stands.

Our cold nights enable the trail grooming to set the best possible trail base.  Our wide trails prevent rutting in the corners, and our snowfall and length of season keep the mosquitoes sleeping for a very very long time providing us with some of the best Spring (March & April) riding conditions in Ontario. We ride well past April 15th most years.

Visit or use the OFSC official Smart Phone Go Snowmobiling APP  on Google Play or iPhone Store to plan your route!

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