USA Travel Tips

Bienvenue Neighbo(u)r!

So you want to visit Canada eh? Well, here are a few things you should know.

Trail permits

If you wanna let ‘er rip, you’re gonna need a trail permit.

Plan early and get yours online today! Trail Permits can take up to 3-5 Business Days.

OFSC Permits

Terms & Conditions

Getting here?

We would suggest getting to le Resort via driving or flying.

Getting Here

Crossing the border

But wait, hold-on to your tuque there.

You’ll be crossing the border which means you’ll need to read up on a few things.

Canada: Crossing the Border

Visiting Canada as a Tourist

Things to try along the way

We are located up North, wayyyy up North, which means you’ll get hungry on your travels.  So try a poutine (pronounced pou-tin). Seriously. You’re missing out. Cheese + Gravy + Fries! C’est bon!
Or some ketchup chips, a perfect travel snack in between maple flavoured everything.